Sagittarius y sagittarius compatibles en el amor

Amar algo es el fundamento para amarlo todo.

Calculadora de Amor por Fecha de Nacimiento Astrocopia

El otro tiene que estar siempre rendido a sus pies. Son los reyes o reinas de vidas pasadas que vienen a abdicar el trono. Acuario, original, intuitivo y humanitario. Tira fuerte del hilo, pero sabe que se puede romper.

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Como no le gusta estar atado, sabe aflojar las riendas a tiempo. Virgo-Piscis: eje mutable. Maestros de muchas vidas que tienen el trabajo de unir lo material con lo espiritual. Es un sabio que quiere amar, pero la mente se lo impide. Piscis, emocional, fantasioso y escapista. Soporta el karma de creer que es un salvador y que su amor puede curar el sufrimiento de otros.

La independencia de la pareja le genera miedo. Ambos, pueden lograr un amor especial. Virgo dejar de pensar tanto y entregarse al amor apasionado y profundo de Piscis. Un sentido diferente empieza a florecer. No se piensa en lo que se puede ganar o perder. Bajar al sitio. Because of this, an Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man romance is deeply unlikely to be the traditional wining and dining sort — although it has been known. Both of the souls involved here are very much their own people.

She might even go into this relationship over-cautiously because of this — and be pleasantly surprised by how effortlessly the Sagittarius man goes with the flow.

Born on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

The Aquarius man spends a great deal of time in his head — not ruminating as such, but certainly dancing with ideas and concocting solutions not just to his own problems, but those of the people he cares about the most. This gives him a kind of detached quality, offset against his often unusual dress sense and distinctive outlook on life as a whole.


The Sagittarius woman can be just the ticket in stirring him to his senses. The Aquarius man admires how the Sagittarius woman is able to laugh at even her most humiliating mishaps, and a camaraderie of sorts soon blossoms as he discovers her altruistic side. Aquarius men especially have a tremendous aptitude in engaging the autopilot and coasting through life while their true attention is elsewhere. What a waste of a beautiful connection that could be! Aquarius wants equality and opportunity for everyone to advance science and medicine and create wonderfully evocative works of art.

Sagittarius, meanwhile, wants everyone to enjoy travel and adventure, to embrace the unknown and unravel the truth beneath the greatest secrets and mysteries of life. Aquarius people are a very good judge of character, and can instantly see that Sagittarius is on their wavelength.

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Sagittarius people are often intelligent, yet are so trusting and positive that some seek to take advantage of them and their kind natures. Aquarius, blessed as these folks are with a kind of inner antennae, can sniff out if any deception is in play and smartly intercept before their Sagittarius is led astray.

Aries and Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility – Nature and Nuances

Not that it always needs to be so heavy-handed, of course. These are two of the most innovative and spontaneous star signs in the zodiac, and very quickly can establish a rapport based on tales of drunken nights out and road trips across the country planned by their bootstraps. Far too heavy handed — and where would the fun be for dear sweet Sagittarius?

In both cases, it is often a fear of constriction and a sudden lack of freedom — aspects of life that neither Aquarius or Sagittarius appreciate much. The liberty to come and go as they please without judgement, question or containment is supremely important to Aquarius and Sagittarius souls. Perhaps unfairly, it is Sagittarius who tends to be associated with this kind of character the most, not only giving them an unjust fly by night nature, but often overlooking the Aquarian need for freedom that therefore comes as a shock to those not expecting it.

However, marriage can certainly flourish for Aquarius and Sagittarius simply because their respect for their own freedom, and that of their partner, is so high. This is the kind of couple who will vacation with other friends, or even travel solo, rather than always travel as a pair. You love hanging out with friends and family, so you need a sociable partner. You love being at home and sharing that sacred space with your significant other.

Horóscopo Gratis y Astrologia - Horoscope Diario Grattuito del Amor, Semanal, Mensual y Anual

The king or queen of the jungle. You have no problem speaking your mind and drool over affection more like a perrito than a lion. Loving partners who are not afraid of PDA are your thing. You like physical, verbal and emotional loving affirmations. You seek beauty and a partner who will shine on your arm, without stealing your spotlight. You need someone who will make you feel at home and give you amor incondicional. You seek fairness, balance and equality in all aspects of your life. You need a soulmate who is passionate, funny, smart and warm, but also independent.

Libra needs to like their partner as much as they love them. When you fall in love, you overcome that fear of opening your heart. Oh and sex is everything to you.

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You must have a partner who is a sexually inclined as you are. Liberty is a must for you. You value maturity and hard work. Anyone who behaves like a child can keep it moving. You take your time opening up to a person. For you, friendship is the base of everything.