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Per the Tower tarot card, the methodical approach to life that you live by makes this sudden disruptive change inevitable and painful for you, however know that you will come out stronger and a better person. Re-evaluate the things that are occurring in your life and analyze how this new direction can bring you new opportunities. Perhaps moving is not in the card for you right now, if you have been planning on moving and are experiencing setbacks.

Libra, friends and family can touch places in the heart that nothing else can reach. Today, be thankful that you have been that friend to others and have received the same. Per the High Priestess card, your desire for peace at this time will show in your intuitive powers. At this time your intuition is at its height and you will feel most in tune with your emotions than ever before.

Trust your intuition completely and you will be able to fully embrace your powers and make good decisions. Your decisions at this time if fully listening to your gut will be strong clear and self assured. Allow for a little flexibility and you will reap all of the benefits.

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Relax and return to your naturally calm and cool behavior and time will help calm your nerves. If you are stressed or feeling unwell rest and recuperate before making the leap to do anything too important and life-changing. Sagittarius, where you put your time that's where you are investing your heart. If you don't like what you see, you can make a change one moment from now.

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Everything will turn out well in the end. If you are experiencing a clandestine affair you will soon receive assistance in opening your mind to new and unexpected possibilities. Capricorn, you may feel a desire to redefine yourself and this begins with a small step in the direction of self love. With the new year upon us you are moving into your next phase in life and new opportunities are appearing. Soon a new opportunity will present itself and it shouldn't be ignored even if it has far reaching implications it will change your life for the better.

Aquarius, what's hidden from your sight will start to reveal itself. Be willing to see the truth as fact not fiction. The Lovers card reveals you should use your deep thinking and intellectual abilities to your advantage at this time. Maybe you have been feeling lonely, or suffering in an unhappy relationship.

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You have the courage to make a decision that will make you really happy. Since you are a natural born problem solver find the way to happiness and make a difficult decision to achieve emotional happiness. Pisces, surrounding yourself with helpful tools can be like having reliable friends who are there when you need them. Don't be afraid to splurge on yourself if you need something. Money is a tool to use for your happiness too.

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The Empress tarot card states that comfort, security, and happiness are your middle name right now. Having a baby or considering starting a family at this time know that things will turn out fine. Yes the rumors are true. Taurus can be a stubborn creature at times especially when they truly believe that they are in the right. The Taurus is extremely tough and resilient and able to get back up no matter how many times they fall over in life.

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Lady Taurus is musical and artistic, a child of nature and an ambassador for all that this good earth has to offer. The biggest danger for this sign is stagnation. She is attached to the status quo, her routine and her possessions, again, including you. That makes it difficult for her to jump into action or respond to a crisis. But once Lady Taurus makes a decision - every ten years or so - there is no turning back.

There is a slow, relentless quality to this lady that will get her to her goal, like the tortoise in the fable. Anger can be an issue. She will suppress it to keep the peace until it erupts - again, every ten years or so. Once a Lady Bull sees red, take our advice and run for cover!

You can tell a Taurus has just fallen in love because they lose their otherwise healthy appetite, cool and bank balance.

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Spontaneous spending on luxuries and more time in the bathroom are big big giveaways. The hidden strength of Taurus. Taurus and cheating. How Taurus handles rejection. Breakups and Taurus. Check out the characteristics of another zodiac sign.